Michael Patrick Rogers is a Director/Writer specializing in a dark atmospheric style. MPR has sold over 70k units as an indie game creator and has worked on multiple AAA games.

Michael Patrick Rogers is currently seeking new representation as a director.
Contact MPRart@Gmail.com, 225-733-4715


"Birthilda Delivers" is a Feature Film/Animated Series Pitch by Michael Patrick Rogers. Birthidla is a mute pizza delivery lady who has a talking plastic skeleton in the back of her 1989 Ford Escort named Earl. She feels invisible and unloved by everyone, except Earl, who is the driving force behind Birthilda's anger and the only thing keeping her alive.

"Don't Cry over Spilt Eggnog" 12:37, written and directed by Michael Patrick Rogers
Shot in one night in 9 hours on a $2000 budget in Sunset Louisiana.

"The Grandfather" 5:20, written and directed by Michael Patrick Rogers
A fully narrated animatic, tells the full story of my video game "The Grandfather", which was made on a $500 budget and has sold 20,000+ units. 

"The Lady" Indie Game, written and directed by Michael Patrick Rogers
Sold 50,000+ units on Steam.


Projects in Pre-production:
"Gilda Vomit" - A 14 year old schizophrenic girl who wants to be a stand up comedian is at odds with her wheelchair bound abusive father.  

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