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"Gilda Vomit" is a Short Film about a 14 year old schizophrenic girl who is at war with her abusive wheelchair bound father, Gilda must escape Daddy's wrath in order to have a shot at living out her dream of being a stand up comedian.
"Gilda Vomit" stars Becca Nicole Preston (Trumbo) as Gilda, and Chip Carriere (Preacher, Focus, Joe Dirt 2)  in dual roles as "Daddy"
 and "Dark Daddy". 

We plan to launch a Seed and Spark campaign sometime this spring, with our goal being around $6000, In order to have a successful Seed and Spark campaign we'll need to have around 3000 followers in our network of all forms of social media combined, including an email list.

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We did a photo shoot of Gilda in full costume and makeup for fundraising purposes. 
Photography by Daniel Grey
Location, Steve Martin Fine Art Gallery, New Orleans Louisiana
Makeup by Jennifer Chua Moore

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evil eye rabbit.jpg