Mikeypoo's Games makes strange atmospheric video games and film.


"Gilda Vomit" (feature to be shot in New Orleans Louisiana spring 2018) 
Follow "Gilda Vomit" on Facebook, Seed and Spark campaign launching February 1st 2018

"Roberta and Earl" (Feature to be shot in Toronto Canada winter 2018/2019)

Untitled Skateboarding Film (Feature film to be shot in Los Angeles spring 2019)

Current Releases

"Don't cry over spilt eggnog" 
(watch it for free below, purchase it for .99 on Steam)

A mysterious homeless man is confronted by his sisters with an intervention at what he was led to believe would be a Christmas get together. 

"Don't Cry over Spilt Eggnog" was shot in Sunset Louisiana in one night in just 9 hours on a shoe string budget if $1500 with a 6 person crew on May 6th, 2017.

"Don't Cry over Spilt Eggnog" is available now on Steam for .99 cents

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